BaseSnake Channels


PedalSnake BaseSnakes come in 4 standard models.  The standard models come in 4-channels or 7-channels (18 and 24 foot lengths). 

Custom BaseSnakes are also available, with up to 8 channels.  See About Custom PedalSnakes.


Three types of BaseSnake channels can be used by themselves, or configured with G-Line™ or P-Line™ Pigtails.  See BaseSnakes and Pigtails.

The three channel types are:



7wire  (Custom PedalSnakes only)
3wire Channel
  • MF2-I and MM2-I (Dual Isolated P-Lines) require a 5wire channel.  See All other P-Lines work on a 3wire channel.
  • MF1-H Singel P-Line Pigtail is limited to (roughly) 500mA on a 3wire channel.  This is enough to power for a dozen or more 9V stomp boxes.  (MF1-H becomes Hi Current when used on a 5wire channel.  See below).
  • 5pin DIN connectors (like MIDI), but only 3 of the pins are wired.
  • A 5pin DIN with 3 pins wired was actually the original MIDI format.  This can be used for one-way MIDI signal, with no phantom power. 
  • A 3wire channel can be used as an amp footswitch cable that uses a 5pin DIN plug with 3 pins wired.
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5wire Channel
  • All G-Line and P-Line Pigtails can be used on a 5wire channel.
  • MF2-I and MM2-I (Dual Isolated P-Lines) provide full function only on a 5wire channel, providing the equivalent of two isolated Single P-Lines (up to 500mA each).  "Isolated" here means "two separate ground wires".
  • MF1-H Single P-Line Pigtail is Hi Current when used on a 5wire channel, handling up to 1000mA (roughly) of actualy current draw.  If you are not sure of the actual current draw of a large pedal, a good rule of thumb is to use MF1-H on a 5wire channel to power pedals having with power supplies rated at 1500mA or more. 
  • A 5wire also channel has a 5pin DIN connector (like MIDI).  All 5 of the pins are wired, like a standard MIDI cable.
  • Use for MIDI IN and OUT, or MIDI THRU, or to supply phantom power thru the cable to a MIDI footcontroller.
  • A 5wire channel can be used with as amp footswitch cable that uses a 5pin DIN plug with 5 pins wired (like standard MIDI).
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7wire  Channel
  • No Pigtails can be used on a 7wire channel.
  • A 7wire channel is needed for 7pin MIDI controllers, or for certain amp footswitches have a 7pin DIN cable, like some amps from Mesa, Peavey, etc.

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