The PedalSnake® System

PedalSnake replaces all the cables between a guitar player's amp and effects pedals, making for a much faster setup, less noise, crystal clear tone, and an ultra-clean appearance on stage—all made possible by the simple low impedance output of the standard effects pedal. This is a new discovery, a new approach, and a better way.

A configurable system of BaseSnakes and Pigtails, each PedalSnake is customized by the user, and changes easily when a rig changes, making for a lifetime investment.

Your Decisions

In the PedalSnake world, there are 3 basic approaches to cabling to be considered.

Traditional Pedal Cabling

Without PedalSnake

Cabling for a versatile rig might have 5 cables

  1. Cord to amp input
  2. FX Loop send
  3. Fx Loop return
  4. Amp footswitch
  5. AC power cord

With PedalSnake System

Replace only amp-to-pedal cables

For those who wish to keep a power supply on their pedalboard, the same rig would have 2 cables
  1. PedalSnake System
  2. AC power cord to power supply

With PedalSnake System

Low Voltage Method replaces all cables

With PedalSnake's patented Low Voltage Method, the same rig would have 1 cable

  1. PedalSnake System

Traditional Pedal Rig Cabling (Without PedalSnake)

Cabling, especially in the best sounding and most versatile rigs (i.e., gain-master tube amps with FX Loops), can become a burden, and an eyesore. A typical setup is setup like this:

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Replace Only Amp-to-Pedal Cables (With PedalSnake)

Some players are committed to power supplies on their pedalboard. They replace all the cables except the power cord. While this can be a great help, most eventually switch to PedalSnake’s Low Voltage Method (shown at bottom), the ultimate "one cable" solution.


Low Voltage Method (Only One Cable...PedalSnake)

PedalSnake’s Low Voltage Method is the "only one cable" more power cord. Power supplies, along with their transformer noise, move away from the pedals, back with the amp. Their low-voltage runs thru PedalSnake P-Lines to power the pedals. This is the cleanest, quietest, fastest setup. To find out more about PedalSnake technology, see Low Noise, Tone, and Reliability.


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PedalSnake® is the trademark for Stage Magic Inc’s All-In-One Stompbox Cable. Copyright © 2015 Stage Magic, Inc.