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Power Plug Adapter for 2.5mm pedal. 2.1 female to male 2.5 r/a.

Power Plug Adapter for 2.5mm pedal:  2.1mm female to male 2.5 r/a.  Convert 2.5 pedals (LINE 6 **, Digitech, etc) for use with standard 2.1 supplies. Will power 2.5 pedals thru 2.1mm PedalSnake P-Lines Pigtails  
** LINE 6 MODELERS (like DL4, MM4, etc.), if powered from a standard center-negative 9VDC supply (like SnakePOWER 9D120), also require 21RP Reverse Polarity Adapter. If powered by the LINE 6 center-positive supply, use 2125AR for the pedal (at the Pedal End of a P-Line) and 2521A for the supply (at the Amp End).