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Bryan Bassett is a legend. A Foghat veteran of nearly 20 years, he was also the guy who played the famous guitar riff on "Play That Funky Music" with Wild Cherry, and even did a stint Molly Hatchet.

The 2008 Foghat tour features Roger Earl from the original band (1971) on drums, and Craig MacGregor (who joined after the 4th album in 1975) on bass. Charlie Huhn (of Ted Nugent fame) now replaces the revered Lonesome Dave Peverett who was lost to cancer in 2000.

Bryan uses a simple, straight-up Marshall rig with only a few essential stomp boxes, so 4 channels was all he needed. He chose a 4M24 BaseSnake, which he says is spanning the large stages nicely (at 24 feet).

“Every once in a while, “ Bryan explains, “a product comes along that is so innovative and useful that every guitarist must have one. Jody Page's PedalSnake is such an innovation. If you want a cleaner stage run, faster rig hookup, and less weight in your gig bag, then PedalSnake is for you. I cannot give the PedalSnake a higher recommendation, I use it..I love it!”

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Kurt has been the guitarist for many music Icons including Randy Meisner (Eagles), Bobby Kimbal (Toto), Spencer Davis, Denny Lane (Wings, Moody Blues) and many more. He has been the guitarist for Santana's and Journey's singer-keyboardist Gregg Rolie for the last eight years (that's Greg playing the B3 with Santana in "Woodstock"!)

This is what Kurt said about PedalSnake, “When I got my PedalSnake and looked at it coiled up in a small roll, my first thought was, this isn’t long enough. Compared to my old bulky mess of cables, it looked so small, but when I uncoiled it, it was actually 24 feet. The other thing I noticed was that my rig was so quiet. No ground buzz or hum. But having a neat clean pedal area is the best thing!”

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Wayne Eagles is known for his unique guitar style, which incorporates wildly diverse influences from textural composition and free jazz to old school fusion and progressive rock. Wayne has played live and in the studio with a long list of local and internationally known musicians including Billy Kilson, Ken Rosser, Ian Froman, Rob Frayne, Mike Milligan, T Bruce Wittet and Adam Nussbaum. At home in Ottawa, he is a performance instructor, lecturer and ensemble director at Carleton University’s Music program. Wayne's recordings include trio DEF Drouin/Eagles/Froman (TetraArtist, 2015), REGALS - The Double-Duo Sessions (TetraArtist, 2011), Milligan-Eagles Project (TetraArtist, 2005), and How's Now? (Carleton Sound, 2000).

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Founding member of NC’s hard rock trio PKM, Michael has been recognized most recently for his 2010 Parkinson’s Disease Benefit concert in Raleigh, NC. A sufferer of the disease himself, Michael is still active in the music industry as both guitarist and highly regarded producer.
In his 42 year career, he has shared the stage with Bob Seger, Steppenwolf, Edgar Winter, Cheap Trick, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Foreigner, and many more.

“Once I saw how logical the PedalSnake was”, says Michael, “I knew I had to test one out. First of all, it just plain sounds better, especially at lower volumes. And it's taken at least ten minutes off my setup time. The cable is pliable and lays flat. No kinking and curling. I highly recommend PedalSnake as a high quality product, designed by a musician for musicians...Jody Page, PedalSnake’s inventor, is a NC guitarist too…we actually did shows together back in the day. After putting together my first PedalSnake system, we had a good jam!”

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LWJ has released  four CD's, two of which are now sold out. He was awarded Best Male Vocalist Of The Year, and has performed with some of the top names in business today, such as Lynryd Skynrd, ZZ Top, John Cafferty, Theory of a Deadman, Black Stone Cherry, Alter Bridge, Eddie Money, Joey Belladonna, Jefferson Starship, and more. He was also hand picked to play for Steven Van Zant's underground garage.

He is currently recording his newest CD and performing all over the east coast with his band today. "I have had many endorsements and sponsors over the years, but the PedalSnake is simply awesome! Night after night and venue after venue it helps me set up and break down fast so I can concentrate on ROCKIN The Show! It is surprisingly quiet, and preserves all of my tone. I consider PedalSnake my most ingenious and helpful piece of gear.”

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DEREK SNOWDEN (Small Town Sleeper)

The Pedal Snake Rocks! It's by far the best way to go if you are looking for a pro look, sound, and set-up. It just blows me away. Its so easy to just hook up and rock out! I am using a nine pedal set-up with a dual compressor and also running wireless. The Pedal Snake handles all of that and even powers all the pedals.

I would have thought for sure that it would create more noise by running my power cords in with all my 1/4 hook ups but it is actually quieter than ever! Jody you are amazing! what a great idea and what a product!

Note from Jody
These guys ROCK! Give a listen at MySpace...

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JON LORBACHER (Written in Red)

North Carolina's Written In Red has been creating music that is simultaneously heavy and melodic. With 2 albums and numerous tours out of the way, Written In Red brings a captivating live show and a sound that is truly unique.

"With 6 people running around on stage, space is a hot commodity. Our sets tend to be rather physical so we simply can't have a ton of cables running everywhere. The PedalSnake has allowed me to trim down from about 6 cables running across the stage to 1 (and cut down a lot of noise in the process). Plus I never have to worry about having an outlet at the front of the stage for pedals which seems to be a problem at a lot of venues."

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BRANDINO the bassmaster

OutKast (2004 Grammies for "Best Album"), Aretha Franklin (22 years), Beach Boys, Stevie Wonder, Snoop Dog, James Brown, Waylon Jennings, En Vouge Brandino really gets his teeth into PedalSnake (AKA "Brandino's Love Whip").

"PedalSnake looks great, but its hard to kill! My sound is not altered, setup is much easier, and my stage area looks cool. Many thanks Jody Page and Stage Magic Inc. for a smart, breakthrough product!"
Brandino 250

RonnyNorth 250


Best Male Guitarist, 2006 All Access Award

A guitar-slinger of the highest order, North has received extensive press and airplay, and his CD’s have sold well throughout the U.S., Europe, and Japan. Recently, MTV licensed Ronny’s music from his current CD Smeared for their "Real World" reality TV program.

“I am always on the lookout for products that will enhance my setup,” says North. “My two Custom PedalSnakes were designed for my new rig, featuring a Laney head and the new TC Electronics G-System multi-effects switching system, a tuner and a pedalboard with a Morley Wah and the TC Pedal board. My main PedalSnake contains 1 midi line, 2 pairs of audio and two power lines, which is going to make setup and teardown a snap.”


As one of the top player/educator/performers in the country, Jeff has been invited onstage to jam with the likes of Steve Vai and Phil Keaggy. Now his 7 CD's combine with 3 CD-ROM Instructional Courses for Truefire, an instructional book and CD, and 2 live DVD's. The back of Ernie Ball string packs bear his name, and he has done over 300 guitar clinics around the country.

About PedalSnake Jeff says “Many years ago they figured out it wasn't practical to run 24+ mic cables from the stage to the mixing board, so they made a "snake". It finally took someone like Jody Page to figure out this would make perfect sense for guitar players, so he invented PedalSnake! With all the power and line configurations PedalSnake offers this really does change the way players deal with their rigs”.

For more info about Jeff:


NYC, Richie Ramone Band
"A must-have live accessory...PedalSnake organized my entire live sounds great, looks great, and is designed with the ultimate flexibility for any signal or power routing that I need onstage or in the studio. Many thanks go out to Jody "KingSnake" Page and PedalSnake for building the custom "Bolan Boa". I believe its the largest Custom PedalSnake ever made...16 Channels of Madness!" I also use a smaller PedalSnake for my simple rig."

See and
Bolan 250


Teen Wonder

This 16 year old phenom (as of August 2007) has only been playing guitar for 2½ years, but he has covered a lot of ground within that time. Wisconsin’s largest rock station WAPL 105.7 played Eliott’s “Eruption” recording in honor of Van Halen being inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame, and the November 2007 issue of “GuitarWorld” magazine has a feature story on Eliott. More recently, at Hollywood's “The Knitting Factory", Eliott hooked up with some of the best young musician's in the country, including two from New Jersey---Anthony Wagner, a drummer (sponsored by DW drums) and Joe Dantuono on bass. A CD of their creations is due out in 9 months.


Digitech, Dean Markley, etc.

Rikk Beatty is not happy unless he is pushing the boundaries of today's music to its limits. With 6 instrumental albums under his belt, Rikk has mastered styles ranging from Rock, Jazz, Blues, Latin, Acoustic New Age, and Funk. He continues to reach new artistic heights as proven with his current instrumental release “Pointing at the Moon”. Rikk is Digitech's new full time clinician, touring the USA in the DigiTruck performing at all the Guitar Centers and Sam Ash music stores across the USA!

"My PedalSnake is essential at these clinics, enabling me to setup extensive Digitech demo systems really fast, while keeping the floor clean and neat."

Rikk has shared the stage with such acts as April Wine, Cheap trick, Warrant, Dio, Jennifer Batten and Scott Cossu. Rikk is currently working on his new instrumental album “Guitar Farm,” which will be released in the Spring of 2008.

Check Rikk out at


Australian Rocker and Music Journalist

Joe’s interviews and features have appeared in countless music magazines around the world, such as Australian Guitar, Classic Rock, Guitar & Bass, Metal Hammer, Record Collector, Guitar World and Chitarre. Often spending time with artists on tour, his interviewees include Slash, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Kiss, The Doors, Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, Motorhead, Marilyn Manson, Toto, Queen, Slayer, My Chemical Romance and many others.

As a guitar player, he’s a veteran of countless rock outfits and currently leads his own Popular Melbourne-based band Double Vision. He also plays guitar in iconic Australian recording pop-rock outfit Geisha (unplugged) with Chris Doheny, and is also one half of the acoustic guitar duo Radio City.


Chicago Guitar Legend & Guitar Virtuoso, Recording Artist, Instructor, Singer / Songwriter

Eric has been featured in Guitar Player and Guitar World magazines, and many other publications. He has released 5 solo CDs, and has shared the stage with Allan Holdsworth, Danny Gatton, Robben Ford, Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani), Vinnie Moore, John Campbell, Scott Henderson, Michael Angelo, etc.

“Pedal Snake made life easier for my pedal board and for me as a guitar player. It makes everything very organized and sonically better! I use the Pedal Snake for live performance as well as studio applications. No more cable MESS on the ground and no more tripping over wires on stage! Where was this product 25+ years ago!”
Eric Mantel 250

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Tre Sheppard 250


OneHundredHours (England)

Emerging from the organization Youth With A Mission, OneHundredHours has sold 16,000+ CD’s, each described as “anthemic,” “blistering” and “a masterpiece.” Touring Hungary, Norway, Finland, Holland, Denmark, South Africa, Romania, Canada, India, Australia, and the U.S, fans describe their shows as simply “life changing”.

Tre says: "The PedalSnake is an absolute lifesaver. I was always tangled up in cables between my pedals and multi amp rig. Now setting up is a breeze. That’s important when you only get a brief line check on festival stage with 1000’s of people waiting for that first chord to deliver the rock n roll they came to hear!”


LA Guitarist/producer, Wow TV, Buddy Miles, Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting), Hendrix Tribute

JP sees (and hears) clearly through his Custom PedalSnakeCS (AKA The Cervoini Serpent).

"I had a huge cable mess. PedalSnake changed my life. I actually have 2 Custom PedalSnakes now. Many thanks and kudos to Jody Page for working with me on the Serpent."

JP 250

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Tash 250


Winner Best Blues Recording ("Tastes Like Chicken"; 2001, DC Music Association), Best Blues Instrumentalist nomination

"I love my PedalSnake! I have a fairly simple rig, but PedalSnake still saves me time and sounds and looks great. No tonal change at all. I am very impressed. Why didn't somebody think of this sooner? Thanks to Jody, for all your help! See you at NAMM!"

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Solo Artist, Guitar Wars winner

Eric has shared the stage with Default, Thornley, Quiet Riot, Great White, High Holy Days

"I run pretty complex live rigs, and it can be a nightmare to set up this monster of amps and outboard gear. So I tried out PedalSnake, and now it does the work and I can concentrate on my performance. There is no tone coloration, and the hi-tech look is superb. PedalSnake is a very welcome addition to my arsenal--as important as my guitars! I am proud to the the 1st Canadian PedalSnake endorser. Thanks Jody!"
Broadbent 250

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Flint 250


Flint (Ontario), sharing stages with 3 Doors Down, Kid Rock, David Lee Roth

“Wow!!! Not only did it cut down my set-up and tear-down time but it made my side of the stage clean and clear, and I finally get to use my effects loop hassle free for the first time. I really love not having to run power to the front of the stage. What an amazing product. I always used high-quality expensive cables, so I was sure I would notice a difference, but was willing to sacrifice in that area live, but to my delight I noticed no audible change in tone whatsoever!! I can’t imagine playing without it now.”


These Niagara-based rockers have dominated the club circuit in Canada and Northern US, with their explosive live shows and signature blend of aggressive, melodic rock.

“We’re all about cutting edge technology when it comes to our stage setup,” says guitarist Jimi Battle. “It all started with our relationship with RVA Canada who supplied the band with state-of-the-art wireless systems. This freed up the band from guitar cables that twist and unplug, giving us the ability to deliver more energetic live performances. PedalSnake is the perfect complement to our system—we are free of the cable mess and multiple power supplies too. And our stage looks so cool now it ridiculous.”

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