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A message from Jody Page, PedalSnake's Inventor

A former fulltime professional guitarist, Jody retired from the road to pursue a degree in electrical engineering from NC State University.  He then spent 18 years in all aspects of electrical and computer design—hardware, software, motion control, analog, digital, electro-mechanical, noise reduction, and reliability. Jody now holds three U.S. patents (PedalSnake being one), and was a 2001 inductee into NASA's Space Foundation Hall of Fame. He was also honored in 2008 with North Carolina's Ethel Fortner Award for his ongoing contributions to art and education.

PedalSnake does not have a corporate mentality. We are not here to exploit anyone or anything, as most business executives are trained to do. I am simply a guitar player and engineer, and our only interest has always been to share our discoveries with the guitar playing community, to make things easier and improve tone in a cost effective manner.

PedalSnake is not your typical product. It is a novel cabling system with a plug'n'play design, so you must choose the parts you need for your rig. It has to be this way, because there is no "standard" guitar rig, and rigs tend to change pretty often.

At first, you may wonder about the plug'n'play design, but when your rig changes, you will be very glad that PedalSnake can be so easily modified. We designed PedalSnake to be a lifetime investment, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

However, plug'n'play does require you to figure out what parts you need. Some simple guidelines must be followed (mainly about using proper pedal buffers, with astounding results). None of this is difficult, and we are always here to help you. When set up properly, PedalSnake will always preserve your core tone, and never increase your noise level. In fact, most customers report that PedalSnake reduced their noise level.
Sometimes a customer will encounter a problem. If that happens, just contact us and we will help you get it right. If for some reason we can't solve your problems, or any other reason, we offer a full 30 Day Return Policy.

But beware, not everyone is patient, or seeks our help. You may see reviews or posts online that suggest PedalSnake is not an excellent product. We've found that these posts typically come from folks who did not set things up properly, and/or did not ask for help with their setup, or just aren't forward-thinking enough to appreciate the necessity of an easily modified plug'n'play design. They didn't pursue it far enough to see the beauty.

All we can say is, if you look around you will find that the PedalSnake World is filled with players who are thrilled with the clean stage, the easy coiling of lightweight low-voltage cable (like nothing else out there), the clear tone, lower noise levels, and reliability that lasts you a lifetime.

These PedalSnake users are not untruthful, or less sophisticated than those who had a different experience. They just followed our guidelines and did things right. Or if they had problems, they asked us for help and we fixed them.

So we want you to know, we are always here for you. Talking about guitars, pedals, and amps is our business. We actually enjoy it. So we hope you will jump in and join us in the PedalSnake World. It really is the fastest, cleanest, quietest pedal rig experience you can have.

And, as always, keep on rocking,
Jody Page
PedalSnake President and Inventor
NASA Space Foundation Hall of Fame

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