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PedalSnake Says “Mission Accomplished” (still, it’s all about the buffer)

Raleigh, NC—July 25, 2018. PedalSnake is calling “mission accomplished”. In the last year, PedalSnake has provided their customers the last two features they had asked for:
  • PedalSnake-Strymon 24V Method. Now players can place an ultra-quiet, pro-grade 24V-sourced power supply from Strymon on their pedalboard, powered through PedalSnake, with no AC cord to run!
  • Tour Prep Accessories. These custom designed cable supports enable guitarists to make their setup bulletproof in seconds at both ends (amp and pedalboard).
These new features add to the magic PedalSnake has brought guitarists for over a decade. The low-voltage multi-channel cable is light and flexible, for an easy-to-coil all-in-one cable system. Players easily customize PedalSnake to their rig, and it mods easily when their rig changes, making for a lifetime investment. Stellar tone and reduced noise comes via the novel HiC-LoZ Method (using a single buffered pedal).

“Working with Strymon’s engineers, the 24V Method gave us the solution most often requested,” explains PedalSnake president Jody Page, “which was to have a board-mounted power supply and power it through PedalSnake. Then there was only one last request to work out, which was to quickly and reliably secure both ends of PedalSnake to the amp and pedalboard onstage.”
Now available are:  
  • AEStrap Kits. Custom Velcro straps install easily, and bind PedalSnake to the back of the amp, providing proper strain relief and the perfect location to reach all amp connections.
  • PSClamp Kits. PedalSnake clamps provide an iron-clad bond to the pedalboard.
“Guitarists are used to traditional guitar cables, which need no strain relief when plugged into the amp,” Page continues. “But a snake is heavier, and does need it.” Tour Prep accessories now make PedalSnake the new standard for touring rigs, with a setup that is fast AND bulletproof. “And the fun part is, PSClamps are so strong, folks can lift their pedalboards off the ground with the PedalSnake! Fun stuff. Watch folks freak when you do this!” (See photo).

“But let’s not forget,” says Page, “PedalSnake would not be possible if not for the good old buffered effects pedal.” Its low-impedance output, which was invented to allow players to use any length guitar cable, enabled PedalSnake to provide a superior design for pedals-to-amp cabling, with both great tone and reduced noise. “True bypass pedals are great,” Page concludes, “and we should all use them. But, PedalSnake or not, everyone should have that one buffered pedal, so they can use any cable they want and never lose tone!”

PedalSnake Video

Street Prices PedalSnake Systems start at $87, AEStrap Kits are $11, PSClamp Kits are $5.  

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PedalSnake® + Strymon®: A Better Way to Power Pedals

The 24V Method—Onboard Power with No AC Cord

November 2017
Raleigh, NC—November 1, 2017 ..PedalSnake has introduced 24V Adapters for use with Strymon’s 24V-sourced Ojai and Ojai R30 power supplies. The benefits to the pedal-using guitarist are dramatic:
  • A pedalboard-mounted power supply that requires no AC power cord, with fully isolated and regulated outputs. a single PedalSnake channel connects between Strymon’s 24V source at the backline, and the Ojai R30 (or Ojai) on the pedalboard.
  • Users configure a single PedalSnake channel as a P-Line (PowerLine) and add the 24V Adapters.
  • Power ‘em all. The Ojai sports five 9V outputs, while Ojai R30 has 9, 12, and 18V outputs. All are rated a powerful 500mA, enough for all Strymon pedals, as well as larger pedals from Line 6, Eventide, Radial, etc.
  • Expandable: Never run out of outputs. Multiple Ojai and Ojai R30 units can be chained via the powerful 24V source.
  • Ultra quiet. Videos have already surfaced on YouTube comparing magnetic field noise between Strymon and other major-brand onboard power supplies. Strymon’s are the quietest in the bunch.
PedalSnake has been replacing pedals-to-amp cables in player’s rigs for years. But in the past, players choosing to keep an onboard power supply had to run a 120VAC power cord in addition to their PedalSnake. This was because PedalSnake employs easy-to-handle low-voltage cable, not safety-rated for high-voltage.

Low-voltage cable is the more elegant solution. Why run 120VAC, a voltage capable of delivering 1000’s of watts, to a pedalboard that requires only 1-2 watts of power? Guitar snake cables with high voltage capability require thicker insulation, often as much as 1” in diameter. PedalSnake’s low-voltage cable is light, flexible, easy to handle, and coils easily into the smallest pedalboard case.

With the 24V Method, players can now have a state-of-the-art pedalboard power supply with no AC power cord in sight, and realize the full beauty of a single-cable PedalSnake system.

PedalSnake ...............
The 24V Method .........
PedalSnake Video ......
Strymon Ojai R30 .......

Street Prices
PedalSnake .... Systems start at $87, 24V Adapters $9 each                          
Strymon ......... Ojai $149, Ojai R30 $169
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Press Releases: In the Beginning

The lion's share of PedalSnake press releases occurred upon the product release in 2004, and continued while new features and products were added.

Here is a history of some of those press releases.

PedalSnake Inventor Wears Many Hats (December 2004)

PedalSnake's Jams at NAMM (March 2005)

PedalSnake Voted Best in Guitar Player (November 2006)

PedalSnake's New Product Line (November 2006)

PedalSnake Endorser Wins Big (December 2006)


PedalSnake Inventor Wears Many Hats

From the 2005 NAMM Daily "Upbeat"
Thursday Jan. 20, 2005

RALEIGH, NC. Jody “King Snake” Page, PedalSnake inventor and president of Stage Magic Inc., has had a long varied career, both a professional musician and as an engineer/inventor.

Jody started in music as a teenage guitarist/singer. With many successful bands now under his belt, and a successful career as a solo artist, Jody has shared the stage with the likes of Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones), Steppenwolf, and John Hammond. “All Broke Up”, his debut CD (Mass Music) was released in 2001.

Midway through his music career, Page went back to school to earn an Electrical Engineering degree from the NC State University. After 20-years in the highly technical fields of printer design, magnetostrictive waveguides, and high-speed encryption hardware, Jody went with NASA for 3 years, where he was elected into the Space Foundation Hall of Fame (2001). He now has three US Patents (PedalSnake included).

While Jody still gigs as much as time allows, his new company Stage Magic Inc. now specializes in the development of innovative products for the music industry. PedalSnake, their debut product, is now receiving rave reviews from dealers and musicians worldwide.

“I was lucky to be able to fuse experience from both careers.” says Page. “It was my own cable mess that inspired me to invent PedalSnake. All the headaches of ugly cable snarls, endless coiling and uncoiling, and clutter underfoot are gone now. The response to PedalSnake from players around the world has been a bit overwhelming. Now, its just a matter of continuing to let the world know.”

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PedalSnake Jams at NAMM

March 2005
RALEIGH, NC. Exhibiting at NAMM for the first time, PedalSnake found itself in good company, in fact, a lot of good company.

At the conclusion of the 2005 show, NAMM announced record-breaking numbers. A grand total of 78,091 registrants attended, and 1,428 companies exhibited. International attendance grew substantially as well, with a 10 percent increase (to 8,416 from 91 countries). Record crowds marveled at the latest musical instruments and products, attended valuable seminars, and saw many artists and celebrities--all while experiencing the sunny weather and warm hospitality of Southern California.

“This NAMM Show was PedalSnake’s first big exposure,” says Jody Page, President of Stage Magic Inc. “From the beginning Thursday morning, to the end Sunday eve, we had a consistent flow of traffic. In general people were amazed at the quality of PedalSnake. Our simple ‘before and after’ pedalboard setup really illustrated quickly what PedalSnake is all about—the ultimate FX pedal cabling solution. Our goal was to build product awareness with MI customers, and that’s exactly what we accomplished. From our one-on-one dealer meetings, to our spirited jam sessions--which always attracted crowds--it was a huge success. But best of all, I got to jam with Rick Derringer.”

Will PedalSnake exhibit next year? "You bet," says Page. "Maybe I'll live my dream...and get to jam with Hendrix."

Jody jams with lefty LA smoke machine JP Cervoni.

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PedalSnake® Wins Major Award

Guitar Player Magazine’s Readers Vote
November 2006

RALEIGH, NC. Stage Magic Inc. recently announced its patented product PedalSnake™ was voted “Best Accessory” in the yearly “Reader’s Poll” at Guitar Player Magazine. Guitar Player is one of the oldest and most respected publications in the music industry.
“We were thrilled,” says Stage Magic president Jody Page, “…and surprised that we won, being such a small company.”

“It seems our customers were loyal,” Page continues. “Most of them even emailed us to say they had voted. This shows what a special bunch they are. PedalSnake customer, over the past 2 years, are the players around the world who weren't’t afraid to try something new. PedalSnake is now fast becoming the new standard in FX pedal connections, but when they bought PedalSnake, it was a brand new concept on the market. So they were taking a chance.”

Is this a good omen for the future? “Absolutely,” answers Page. “This has given sales a boost, along with our recent naming of the Fender Wholesale Division as our domestic distributor. So, we are hoping for a boom year in 2007!”

Is there anything else new in the PedalSnake world?

“Well, we are launching a new website, which will be a big improvement. It will include international shipping to countries where we don’t have distribution yet…and it will still include our infamous PedalSnake video!” (see it at ). A new product line is due out early in 2007, too. We are offering more lengths and channel counts for our Generation 2 (G2) plug’n’play line. This is our most popular line, since you can easily change your lines around if your rig changes. And guitar rigs seem to change often.”
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PedalSnake® Introduces New Product Line

November 2006
RALEIGH, NC. Stage Magic Inc. recently announced several enhancements to PedalSnake™—the patented, award-winning “all-in-one” cable for guitarists with FX pedals. New product options will be accompanied by an increased commitment to a “modular system approach”, simplifying the PedalSnake purchase-decision and offering more cost effective options for the market at large.

On the product side, four new PedalSnakeG2 plug’n’play Base Snakes are being introduced. Available in 4-channel and 7-channel versions, each will have a length option of 18 or 24 feet. Each will also include a 5-wire “MIDI5” channel with phantom power—a major plus for customers with MIDI footcontrollers.

“There is no guidebook for marketing PedalSnake,” says Jody Page, president of Stage Magic Inc. “Novel concepts need time in the market place to be perfected. We are now on the verge of doing that.”

“Nowadays, guitar rigs vary so widely in complexity and size,” Page continues. “And power and cabling needs change whenever a player tries new gear. So, more commitment to a ‘configurable system’, as well as more options, are is needed in today’s market. This is why our PedalSnakeG2 line has so popular—it is plug’n’play, and easily adapts when cabling needs change. Now, G2 is taking a huge leap in capturing market.”

PedalSnake’s sales methodology is also changing. Kits for G2 Standard Model “kits” will be discontinued. In their place, individual G2 Base Snakes and G2 Pigtails will, for the first time, be offered separately. This allows users to more easily create the perfect custom cabling system for their rig using modular plug’n’play components.

A new website is also in the works. “The new site will better organize our pedal-rig educational material,” Page adds, “and explain the new products and sales methods. It should be a big improvement over our present site.”

“But have no fear!” Page concludes. “The new site will still include our infamous PedalSnake video!”

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PedalSnake® Endorser Wins Big

November 2006
RALEIGH, NC. Stage Magic Inc. recently announced that their premier PedalSnake endorser, Ronny North, was voted “Best Male Guitarist” in LA’s All Access Magazine. Ronny, from the LA area, has long been considered one of the world’s most gifted and unique guitarists.
“We are all happy for his win—and not a bit surprised. I’ve been playing for over 30 years, and Ronny is truly the most unique guitarist I’ve ever heard,” says Jody Page, president of Stage Magic. “And Ronny is a great guy to work with—he has always given his all to promote PedalSnake. Now, his award comes on the heel’s of PedalSnake being voted “Best Accessory” in Guitar Player Magazine’s Reader’s Poll. So I guess we’ll both be doing some celebrating together at NAMM!”

Ronny too was thrilled. “It’s wonderful to be recognized like this,” he says, “especially with the caliber of the other player’s around here who were nominated.” The PedalSnake endorser adds, “I do love my PedalSnakes—I actually have two now. Maybe that was what put me over the top! PedalSnake makes my stage look super-clean, and my tech loves setting it up—very quick to uncoil and plug in.”

Ronny performs regularly in the LA area, and can be seen in various booths at the Winter NAMM Show.

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