Features and Benefits of PedalSnake®

The world's first configurable, multi-channel pedals-to-amp cable system—a Lifetime Investment in ease and sound quality.



What can a PedalSnake® System can do for the guitarist with effects pedals on the floor?


1   Cleans Up the Clutter

2   Set Up Faster

3   Great Tone, Low Noise with HiC-LoZ

4   All-In-One ... MIDI and Power Too

5   Low Voltage Cable--Easy to Handle

6   Safer

7   Lighten Your Pedalboard

8   More Complex Rigs Become Easy

9   Standard Transformer Power Supplies Are Dead Quiet

10   Configurable System = Lifetime Investment

11   Affordable



For more about how to configure a PedalSnake system, see BaseSnakes and Pigtails.


1. Cleans up the Clutter

The most obvious benefit of PedalSnake. The stage area at your feet becomes a thing of beauty.

2. Set Up Faster

No matter what kind of pedal rig you have...a simple one with a single cord to the amp, or a versatile tone monster with cables galore...with PedalSnake you only run one cable.

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3. Great Tone, Low Noise with Novel HiC-LoZ Method

PedalSnake can preserve your core tone while lowering noise in subtle ways. The revolutionary HiC-LoZ method uses the low-impedance output of the typical effects pedal to drive shielded twisted-pair cable. For more, see Keeping It Quiet.

4. All-In-One ... MIDI and Power Too

Consolidate all your cables into one flexible multi-channel snake. This includes not only guitar cords, but footswitch lines, MIDI lines...and the AC power cord can go too! Move your power supplies to the backline with your amp, run their low voltage thru PedalSnake...voila'...no more AC cord to run. See the Low Voltage Method, and the PedalSnake-Strymon 24V Method.

5. Low Voltage Cable--Easy to Handle

PedalSnake uses a special-design low voltage cable. Flexible, easy to coil and handle. Shielded for guitar audio signals, and to also send low voltage power your pedals. So, if you want, move our pedals' power supplies back with your amp, and transmit 9V, 18V, etc., thru PedalSnake. Plus PedalSnake's Low Voltage Method can reduce noise (see #9 below).

6. Safer

A cluster of cables on the floor can present a significant trip hazard. PedalSnake not only removes the cluster, but the BaseSnake is made with a flexible, rubber-jacketed cable that lays flat and smooth on the floor.

7. Lighten Your Pedalboard

PedalSnake's Low Voltage Method can provide the fullblown "One Cable Solution", with no big AC power cord to run. Simple rigs can move existing power supplies to the backline with the amp, freeing up space and reducing pedalboard weight. More complex rigs may elect to use super-lightweight Strymon power supplies onboard, via the PedalSnake-Strymon 24V Method.

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8. More Complex Rigs Become Easy

A player who needs a broad tone palette, and controls his own sound onstage (this applies to most of us), can benefit greatly from a gain-master amp with channel switching and an FX Loop. But this usually means extra cables to run. With PedalSnake, no matter how complex your rig, you just run one cable.

9. Standard Transformer Power Supplies are Dead Quiet

A real iron-core transformer (aka "wall wart") is a good way to achieve true ground isolation. While they deliver very quiet power to your pedals, these "trannys" also produce stray magnetic fields in the air that can induce noise into sensitive pedal electronics if placed too close. (A demo of this can be found at PedalSnake Channel on YouTube. See P-Lines and Power, at about 0.26 seconds.) These can be made quiet quiet by moving them away from your pedal area, to the backline with your amp (see The Low Voltage Method). More complex rigs may elect to use Strymon Ojai or Ojai R30, which have practically no magnetic field to infect nearby pedals. See the PedalSnake-Strymon 24V Method.

10, Configurable System = Lifetime Investment

We all know often guitar rigs tend to change. PedalSnake's BaseSnake-Pigtail design configures and customizes to any rig, and changes easily when your rig changes. With any other guitar snake out there, at worst, changes to your rig render the snake useless. At best, they are a giant pain to mod. See BaseSnakes and Pigtails.

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11. Affordable

PedalSnake costs about the same as the cables it replaces. You can have a line to your amp input, FX send and return, an amp footswitch, and a 9V PowerLine, all in one 18 foot PedalSnake System (one cable), for as little as $109.

AND...PedalSnake Really Does Work

PedalSnake is a patented new technology, employing a novel HiC-LoZ wiring scheme that challenges traditional methods. So having some skepticism is natural, especially with all the hype and myths in the gear market. But when setup properly, following our simple guidelines, PedalSnake really is a lifechanger, with no downside at all. See Two Biggest Myths, and then check out PedalSnake users' comments on the web. With our 30-day Money-Back Guarantee, you can try PedalSnake for yourself, and only risk the cost of shipping.

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For more about customizing your own PedalSnake system, see BaseSnakes and Pigtails.

The PedalSnake-Strymon
24V Method

PedalSnake® is the trademark name for Stage Magic's All-in-One Pedal Cabling Solution. Copyright © 2012 Stage Magic, Inc

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