G-Line Pigtails Info

G-Line™ Pigtail Kits (GuitarLines) plug into a BaseSnake channel to make 1/4” lines for guitar signals, amp footswitch lines, etc.

NOTE   When using a G-Line™ to carry audio guitar signal, use at least one buffered FX pedal between the guitar and G-Line™ (most pedals are buffered). See Preserving Tone with PedalSnake.

G-Line™ Pigtail Features

  • Offered in 2-Packs One Pigtail for each end of a BaseSnake channel.

  • Have one straight end For easy plugging and unplugging at the amp

  • Have one right-angle end For saving space on pedalboards.

  • Both ends are 15” long

  • Terminate in female 5pin DIN connectors To plug into a BaseSnake channel.

  • Kits available for Sinlge mono, dual mono, and stereo.

Three G-Line™ Pigtail Models

RS1 Single G-Line Makes one mono 1/4” guitar cable. It can be used for any guitar audio signal lines, or amp footswitch lines.

RS2 Dual G-Line Makes two mono 1/4” guitar cables from one BaseSnake channel. This saves channels when making send-returns for FX Loops, or when taking signal out to pedals from a wireless at the backline, and then returning it to the amp, etc. The 2 sides share a ground wire.

RS1-TRS Stereo G-Line Makes a single stereo 1/4” guitar cable. It can be used for stereo signals, or amp footswitch lines.
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