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Power Plug Adapter Splice Kit: 2-Pack: (1) male 2.1mm pigtail, (1) female

Use Any Power Supply with PedalSnake  Convert bastard power connectors to standard 2.1mm connectors (like Boss).

  • 21PR contains two short 2.1 cable ends: 1 male plug, female 2.1 jack; with bare wires ready to solder. 
  • Directions  (1) Cut the bastard supply cable into 2 pieces so that you have one short piece attached to the plug, one longer piece attached to the power supply. (2) Splice the 2.1 female end into the plug-piece. (3) Splice the 2.1 male end into the power supply piece. Then, to return the supply to normal operation (without PedalSnake), connect the male and female 2.1 back together.  To use the supply with PedalSnake, disconnect the two pieces, and use a PedalSnake P-Line in between.  (These directions are on the back of the package.)
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