Power Plug Adapters

PedalSnake P-Lines use standard 2.1mm barrel connectors (like Boss, MXR, etc.). This connector size is found on 90% of effects pedals, and on almost every 9VDC stompbox. However, Power Plug Sizes for pedals can vary.

PedalSnake offers two kinds of Power Plug Adapters, which are the best offered anywhere:
Power Plug Adapters for Pedals   All space saving right angle plugs. The "adapter" plug is clearly color coded, with a single adapter function, to eliminate confusion.
Power Plug Adapters for Power Supplies These are hard to find elsewhere. PedalSnake is easily the best source for these. Adapt the power plug of a non-standard power supply to a standard size, allowing one to use vintage power supplies, or those from other manufacturers, to use with standard 2.1mm pedals.

Besides the standard 2.1, the most popular connector is the 2.5mm, which looks identical to the 2.1. There is also 3.5mm (1/8" miniphone). If you encounter a totally bastard connector, there is always PedalSnake's 21PR Splice Kit.

For more, and how to tell the difference, see Power Plug Sizes.

Power Plug Adapters for Pedals
Adapts a 2.5 pedal to 2.1
Adapts a 3.5 (1/8”) miniphone pedal to 2.1
Adapts a 2.1 plug to right angle (the only one in the world)
Reverses polarity (center + becomes negative, and vice versa)

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Power Plug Adapters for Supplies
Adapts a 2.5 supply to 2.1
Adapts a 3.5 supply to 2.1
Splice Kit for adapting any bastard connectors to 2.1

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